Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Saw 2 (2005) Review

"Oh yes, there will be blood"

"Saw" a series that started as a Low budget, one off thriller/horror movies, then turned into a series with 7 movies, 2 GAMES, toys, costumes, and a COMIC. Yep.

So how did this sequel, produced less than a year after the first one, turn out?
Very good!

Saw 2 starts with Jigsaw, wanting to play a game as always, kidnapping Decteive Eric Matthews (Donnie Whalberg) son, and tells him if he will talk to him for a few hours is son will be "Safe and sound"

This is saw, things arent that easy.

So what Eric sees play out infront of him, is eight people locked in a house, slowly dying for nerve gas, and one of them is his son, so yea HE MAD.
Saw 2 is probably the best second entry in a horror series EVER (Prestigious title isnt it?) the movie moves fast, is violent, has decent (Sometimes annoying) acting, and a great plot. Oh yea and the twist WILL get you

Disclaimer: MUST SEE the first movie to understand

Verdict: Must see/buy it cheap/watch with friends

  • Contuies the first story from the first film
  • HAS a story
  • Violent
  • Great drama
  • The twist ending
  • Must see the first to get it
  • Violent (Very "gross")
  • Disturbing for some



  1. I haven´t seen any of those movies. Too violent for me but thanks for the review.

  2. I don't really understand appeal of Saw movies, though I've never seen one, so maybe i'm wrong

  3. mh i think they're too violent

  4. I love Saw! Nice blog.

  5. im a not a big horror movies fan but saw is my only exception,great review btw

  6. the two first movies were good, but they had to ruin it.

  7. the only Saw movie i viewed in the theater was at The Grove in LA. The screens are HUGE and so the whole thing was in-your-face gory.

  8. Haven't seen the movies but would like to, due to the fact that I've heard it's a good story line (unlike many horror movies) but DESPITE my current phobia of saws, knives. Good review & it makes me lean towards wanting to see it